Regardless of what industry your business is in, you will – at some point – have to write.  Whether crafting a 140 character social media post or a 140 page book, business writing can be an intimidating task… even for those who enjoy it. One of the reasons why the act of writing is so tedious is because many have a difficult time focusing on the project. Writing is the act of taking an incomprehensible stream of consciousness from your mind and translating it into a feasible, structured setting for others to read and understand. It’s no wonder why it can feel difficult to focus! However, some circumstances require you to write at your very best – such as for a proposal or marketing letter. Check out these 3 ways to stay focused.

1.      Change up your environment. If you’ve spent hours writing in a single location and are slowly losing the fervor to continue, try finding a new place. Take a break and travel to a local library or sit in a coffee shop. Continue working in an alternate location to help ease your mind.

2.   Listen to instrumental music. You may have heard this tip before, but it’s worth noting again. Instrumental music is an enjoyable way to drone out the rest of the world. The music doesn’t have to be a Beethoven sonnet – instrumental music comes in genres and styles of all forms. Find which you like best, but do try to forego songs with lyrics so your brain can focus on your words, not the words of others. If you’re not a fan of listening to music during work or have found it doesn’t help you, try listening to white noise (example, ocean waves or babbling brook) – anything to block out the distracting sounds around you.

3.   Close your eyes. Yes, really. Staring at a blank or half-written Word document can often be just as distracting as if a television was blaring in the background. Your mind is louder than anything around you, and staring at words (or a lack of words) on a screen could possibly send any progress you were making rolling off the tracks – sufficiently aiding in losing your train of thought. Don’t give your mind any chance to second guess what you’re writing. When you’ve made a breakthrough and know exactly what you need to write and how to write it, close your eyes or cover up your screen and type away. Write first, edit later.

Whether you love it or you hate it, writing will become an essential tool in any business at some point throughout the growth of the company. Focus by perfecting your environment, droning out the world around you, and trusting your instincts.