It’s the era of social media. Chances are, your business’s marketing strategy most likely includes updating social media platforms – specifically Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But have you thought about using Instagram for your business as well? If not, you’re missing out on an incredible marketing tool. Check out these 3 reasons why your marketing strategy should include Instagram.

  1. Instagram is the second most popular social media network – and it continues to grow each year. According to recent statistics, Instagram currently has over 600 million monthly active users – with average users spending more than 25 minutes per day on the platform. That’s a large pool of people who are actively and frequently using Instagram and could potentially benefit from seeing your brand. Basically, you need to be on Instagram because that’s where people are logging in.
  2. Capture your audience’s attention with photos. People love visuals. Across the board, the most popular posts online are images. The best part about Instagram is that every post is an image. With the right hashtags and an eye-catching graphic, you can reach your audience and start building a relationship.
  3. You can directly seek out and engage with potential customers and clients. Perhaps the most unique part about Instagram is that a lot of account growth is dependent on the old Internet rule of “like for like.” If you like several photos of a potential customer or client, they’ll most likely – out of typical Instagram user courtesy – visit your account and like photos back. You can truly control the growth of your account by how much work you put into it. Facilitate engagement and build your brand online with the help of Instagram.

Is your business on Instagram yet? The platform isn’t only about posting unique food and funny cats, it’s also a fantastic way to share business news and events while connecting with your audience. Instagram is steadily growing in popularity and the stats show -- it’s where your business needs to be.