One of the most shared, and important, traits of successful people is the ability to set goals — especially those in leadership positions. Setting goals is an unavoidable aspect of any form of management. You can’t run a business on the idea of having a business – which is why you create objectives. But sometimes these objectives become too plentiful to properly accomplish. You have so many goals and sub-goals that you lose track of bigger picture. So, what’s the secret to actually accomplishing the goals you set?

Focus. The art of focusing on tasks is all it takes to successfully complete your goals. Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and famous investor, advice for following goals is a two-list trick that is generally practiced as follows:

  1.    Create a list of 25 career goals you deem to be most important.
  2.   Next, narrow down the list of 25 to only 5 items.
  3.   Completely ignore the other 20 goals on a separate list until the first 5 are finished and mastered – no exceptions.

The philosophy behind this method is that you should be taking the time to purposefully craft and focus on your goals. You’ll know which goals need to be completed first, so you shouldn’t second guess yourself later – especially only to make your life easy it the short run. It may seem difficult to narrow your list to only 5 out of 25; however, it’s important to remember that the more you multitask, the less time you’re spending on each goal. Ultimately, this will lead to your goals left unaccomplished due to a lack of focus.

By taking the time to write out your goals, becoming aware of your top 5 goals and ignoring the rest, you will be better equipped to finish each one more efficiently. So, take out a pen. Write down your goals. Visualize which you need to accomplish first, and trust yourself. Focus.