Monday: The most hated day of the week, where boredom soars, productivity diminishes, and motivation lacks. Everyone knows that Mondays are much longer than other days (or, at least, it feels that way). So, after a relaxing weekend, it’s only natural to face the new week with disdain. The problem is, if you start the week off in misery, it’s safe to assume that only misery will follow because the work that should’ve been completed on Monday is put off until Tuesday.

In fact, if you simply take more time on Monday to work, you’ll have less work to do by the time Friday rolls along. To work more, however, you have to stay motivated – which can be tricky on a dreary Monday morning. Try these three helpful tips to keep your motivation high when you start the work week.

1. Change your mindset. Embrace Monday, It’s a new day, your next opportunity to make progress. Seeing Monday as the beginning of a “workweek” breeds low productivity, and low productivity breeds stress. Find the motivation to accomplish new things, getting you closer to your goals, to be the successful person you want to become.

2. Take a few minutes on Sunday evening to plan for Monday. Yes, really, you’ll thank yourself later. When you have a career or own a business, your job is constant. While it’s very important to take time during the weekend, you also have to always be preparing. Remember, the more work you get done on Monday, the less you’ll have to do on Friday. So, if you take a few minutes to plan on Sunday, it will improve your productivity.

3. Love your job. As soon as we enter the world of work, we are told that it’s normal to see work as a chore to be endured. Even jobs that we start off loving, eventually dwindle into working to get to the weekend. The reason most people lack motivation on Monday, besides that it’s the end of the weekend, is because they are not happy with their jobs. Learn to love your job or find one that you can love. You will have many Mondays, why not start enjoying the opportunity to work and make progress?

Stay motivated, and conquer the Monday blues!