Do you ever feel tired when you enter your office, knowing you’ll be stuck inside all day? Does your body get sore when simply looking at your office chair? Many believe that there is no solution to office woes – you clock in, work, and clock out. However, by breaking up this dreary routine, you can take your productivity and workplace positivity to new heights. It’s important to take a breaks throughout the day to avoid mental blocks, and what better place to go than outside?

1. Mix in some fresh air. Doesn’t it sound nice to take a deep breath of fresh, outside air? For days of monotonous activities that seem to drag on, a little air can help sooth your stress. Thankfully, in modern times, we have access to WiFi just about anywhere, and can bring our work with us on­the­go.

2. Boost your creativity. If you’ve ever stepped outside after a long day of working indoors, you know the sudden shock of bright, vivid, and overall natural colors that don’t exist in your office. Take advantage of the beauty of nature, and allow it to guide your work – directly or indirectly. Regardless of the tasks you have to complete, the outdoors is a great place to reconnect with your creativity.

3. Vary your surroundings. Especially when working on a particularly difficult project, you may find yourself hating your typical office surroundings. The painting on the wall, that you previously loved, now seems to mock you as you stress to complete your big project. The lights seem more dim than usual, and your office seems to close in on you. Does that sound fairly accurate? Conquer your mental blocks by allowing yourself a new, healthy option – working in the great outdoors.

While you do still have to work in your office at times, it’s always better for your mindset to know that you have the option to go somewhere new. By taking your work outside for a few hours, you’ll have access to fresh air, inspiration, and new surroundings. Embrace the outdoors during the work day!