When running a business, a successful environment is almost always determined by factors of productivity and efficiency. But one of the most underrated aspects of a workplace environment is its happiness level. Many people grow up with dreams of a rewarding career – dreams that slowly morph into the frequently used phrase: “a job is just a job.” Is that the mindset you want your employees to have? Of course not.

Employees should want to come into work. If your employees are anxiously dreading each Monday morning and sighing audibly as they slowly walk through your doors, you have a problem. The truth is that happiness increases productivity. When people care, they do more. Motivation and a positive work environment is the key. Check out these five ways to ensure that your employees are happy at your workplace.

  1.    Assign the work you hired your employee for – rather than assigning extra work he or she is not trained to handle. Many business owners and managers make the mistake of hiring someone for one role and then piling on the work of other roles as well. Of course, if someone has additional skills, it’s smart to utilize them. However, there is no reason for a customer service representative to also be creating your website.
  2.   That said, ensure you are assigning enough work. There’s a healthy balance between overloading your employees and leaving them to wastefully scroll through Facebook on your dime.
  3.   Don’t make your employees feel as if they are replaceable robots. It’s a mistake to view your hard-workers as machines rather than humans. Instead welcome your employees as part of a whole: your team.
  4.   Give constructive feedback and never embarrass an employee around others. If someone makes a mistake, bring them into your office and provide the coaching to improve their performance. Never berate an employee – especially not in front of others.
  5.   Survey your employees to see how they feel about the environment. The easiest way to find out if your employees are happy is to ask them. Conduct semi-annual surveys to see what’s going through their minds. You’ll find out what you are doing correctly and incorrectly, in addition to possibly gaining new insights regarding ideas for workplace changes.

Keep searching for new ways to keep your employees happy at work. You’ll have less people quitting and more work completed while employees are excited to walk in each Monday morning – sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?