Sales can be a tricky business – think trial and error. Thankfully, many seasoned sales professionals have experienced these mistakes time and time again; therefore, you can take sage advice and follow it for a successful sale. Check out these top 3 commonly made sales mistakes and learn why you keep making them.

  1.    Not negotiating enough. One of the most vital tools in sales is negotiation. You should always negotiate – right to the very last second of the sale. Don’t worry, your potential customer is going to be negotiating as well. You could be negotiating product features, terms, delivery, etc. Price is the last thing you’ll negotiate as you must protect your product sales margins to be successful.
  2.    Talking too much. Many salespeople make the mistake of rambling about… nothing. The customer can always tell. Some swear by the use of specific “keywords” to open the person’s mind to your sale. “Amazing,” “fantastic,” and “imagine,” are definitely great words, but they mean nothing if they aren’t relevant to the buyer and backed up with true meanings. Talk to people less, ask questions and listen more!
  3.    Sharing the price right away. Another disadvantage of talking too much, you may accidentally give away the price before the right time. Your potential customer has to be slowly guided toward the price as you build the value bigger than the price. Share the price after they’ve already become attached to the product or service.

To avoid not negotiating enough, be more confident. Confidence is not only effective for your mindset, but for the sale as well. When a potential customer sees that you are confident, it shows that you know what you’re talking about and can be trusted when negotiating.

To avoid talking too much, be less boastful. While you should be confident, you don’t want to be arrogant. Boasting about a product or service simply reminds your potential customer that he or she is another sales number. Talk like a friend; take turns, listen, and speak with care rather than egotism.

To avoid sharing the price right away, plan ahead. Presentation is the key. The sale should be effortless, as you should have a professionally-planned technique in place. While you shouldn’t ramble on through a script, you should know exactly the points you need to hit before revealing the price tag.

Think about it: How many of these mistakes have you made with potential customers? Next time, follow these three tips to avoid embarrassing sales flops.