Your alarm goes off on Monday morning, and it’s officially another week back to the grind. Rushing through breakfast, you skip a shower and take your coffee to-go as you sprint to the office. When you arrive, you feel overwhelmed at the amount of work due this week. Your to-do list has begun to resemble a to-do novel. Does this scenario sound familiar? It’s difficult to find motivation in the midst of a Monday morning melancholy. However, by following 5 simple tips, you can motivate yourself to succeed on any day of the week.

1.      Wake up earlier. Although it may seem impossible, setting your alarm clock just an hour earlier than you need will increase your mood immensely. An extra hour will give you time to relax and prepare for the day ahead. Perhaps take a step further and invest in a coffee maker that has an automatic setting to begin brewing before you wake up. That way, you can add an instant pep in your step as soon as you get out of bed – plus, it’s cheaper and faster than going through a coffee shop drive-through. With the time saved by waking up earlier and relaxing at home, you’ll feel refreshed enough to begin the day right. You’ll thank yourself later.

2.      Organize your work at the end of the week. Take a few moments on Friday to compile all of the work that needs to be completed the following week. Use a planner to neatly organize your thoughts or use a pile of sticky notes to create a visual weekly track. Regardless of your planning method, the best way to stay motivated is to see a clear, organized plan for the week ahead.

3.      Stick to your goals. With the goals you set for yourself on Friday, set aside time on Monday to go through the list and plan out when each item will be completed. Do not overload yourself with work, but also be sure not to bury goals for “later” when you are simply procrastinating. Instead, complete the important tasks yourself and delegate the other tasks to a co-worker or employee. That way, the tasks are always completed.

4.      Never multitask. You may have been told that the best businesspeople are those who multitask; however, this advice is easily rebuttable. When you multitask, you are splitting your attention to multiple items at the same time – which means that the quality of each task will be decreased. Multitasking does not shorten the amount of time spent on work, rather it simply assures that all of your tasks will be done at the same time at the end of the day. By taking time to complete each task one-by-one, you will still complete all of your work on time, but with better quality.

5.      Stress less, do more.  When you are stressing over work, you aren’t progressing in the task. The tried and true quote “paralysis through analysis” applies in this common scenario. Rather than over-analyzing mistakes or panicking over deadlines, take a breath and work. Stressing over a workload will not make the tasks disappear; in fact, stressing only wastes time. It is more beneficial to take a quick break and come back to work once you’re ready to tackle the task. Stop stressing and start doing.

By following these 5 simple tips, you can find the motivation to succeed. Rather than viewing each day as a burden from the last, view each day as a chance. Use each chance to provide quality work to create a successful business and to remain motivated to reach for the stars.