There are many books and articles outlining interview techniques for those looking for employment. From advice regarding how to dress to impress to even how to enunciate words, the tools for individuals being interviewed are innumerable. Unfortunately, there are not nearly as many resources for the hiring manager. Until now.

Check out these 4 tips to follow during your interviews that will make the interviewee want to work for you.

  1.       Balance authority and friendliness. While you want to come across as an authority figure, the potential employee should never feel overwhelmed with intimidation. The vibe you give off during the interview is typically perceived as the attitude you will maintain as a boss. Be friendly – to a point – and professional. Great employees have high standards, and you may drive them away with an attitude that comes across as too angry or critical.
  2.       Don’t ask unnecessary questions. Trick questions are overrated. An employee’s ability to solve a riddle in five seconds has no basis in his or her ability to perform most daily duties. The questions you ask should be specific to the job itself, with additional questions that reveal your interviewee’s personality. Remember, the questions you ask not only reveal important details about a potential employee but about your company as well.
  3.       Give ample amount of information about your company. Be prepared to provide extensive, yet relevant, information regarding your business – including its practices, values, and goals. Most importantly, don’t hide information regarding the role for sake of convincing the employee to choose your company. Be upfront and you’ll find the perfect fit.
  4.       Always ask if the interviewee has any questions for you. This is your chance to shine. After asking the potential employee if he or she has any questions, the interview truly has switched the spotlight to you. By being friendly and honest, you can successfully show your prospective employee why your business is the best to work for.

When conducting an interview, keep in mind that you are being analyzed as well. Prove that your company is the place to be by being prepared to not only ask questions but to answer questions as well.