Sales isn’t easy. It requires a carefully balanced effort of technique and knowledge. If you’re a naturally talented salesperson, you most likely already have the charisma and drive to sell. However, many salespeople make one crucial mistake that no amount of personality can make up for: they sell products, not experiences. This is where knowledge of proper marketing comes in handy – knowing how to market yourself as well as the product to create a captivating image in the potential customer’s mind.

Selling a product is only one aspect of a sales presentation. Think about it this way: if you’re selling a camera, you’ll go into all of the specs and details. To sell this product, you may say, “This sleek black DSLR camera has a 25-megapixel image sensor and can take images in HD. Plus, it has a special motion stabilizer.” While that sentence does provide important information that the customer should know, it’s not going to be an effective marketing technique unless you are selling to someone who is already an expert in DSLR cameras.

The product details are great to provide, but you still need to answer why that specific customer needs that specific camera right at that very moment. There are plenty of cameras to purchase, so why is your product any different than the others? The truth is, it isn’t. Your product is most likely one of countless others, which is why it’s so important to set it apart from the rest by selling it as an experience that will add value to your customer’s life.

Sell an experience by painting images of the product in use, rather than the product itself. The customer should imagine himself as if he has already bought the camera. Make the customer feel like he can’t leave without it. Instead of discussing the details outright, integrate them within the presentation. For example, you could say, “Imagine the memories you could capture with an HD camera. It also features a motion stability option, so you’ll never miss a shot of any loved one. It’s perfect for vacations!”

While you should always mention the specs and details of any product, you must always remember that – as a salesperson – your job is more than memorizing details and reciting data. Know your audience. Sell the experience of the product.