So, you’ve managed to capture a prospective customer’s attention. She’s standing in front of you, waiting to be sold on the idea of your product or service. You have most likely practiced your sales presentation and are – once again – ready to deliver it to close the deal. But when is the last time you’ve assessed your presentation to make improvements? Sometimes, when we become so comfortable with a presentation, we start speaking lazily and adding in unnecessary words that can completely change the way you come across to a potential customer. Check out these 4 commonly used words you should avoid during sales pitches.

  1.   “Literally.” This is literally one of the worst words you can say when delivering a professional pitch. Any word that is often not used properly should typically be avoided.
  2.   “Guaranteed.” Much like “literally,” guaranteeing something can make a potential customer question his or her trust in you. While you’d imagine it would seem like a promise, the word “guarantee” is not only overused, but often not even used correctly – which aids in the lack of connection or trust with a salesperson. (This is not to say that you shouldn’t guarantee you product or service, rather don’t overuse the word.)
  3.   “Very.” Is it a very good deal? Or is it a great deal? You don’t have to add in extra words to make your presentation more effective. Instead, focus on the quality of the words you use.
  4.   “Stuff.” This may seem like a given, but many still describe products as “stuff” in an attempt to be conversational and friendly. Yes, be personable, but not at the cost of professionalism.

It’s crucial to remember that it’s normal to have a few filler words in your presentations, here and there. However, you have to be aware of these words to limit the usage as much as possible to allow for a great impact. Believe me, this is literally guaranteed to make your presentations very good. (See how much a few words can change the vibe of the entire message?)