Body language is one of the crucial keys to generating leads and securing sales. The way you hold yourself and interact with people is what ensures (or deters) potential customers. Check out these 5 persuasive body language techniques that you need to start using in your sales methods.

  1.    Maintain eye contact. Many are surprised to learn that eye contact is one of the most important aspects of persuasive body language. Well, eyes are definitely a part of your body, right? In fact, eyes are paramount to the art of sales, as they can reveal true motives and emotions. Make sure to always maintain eye contact (with just enough movement that it doesn’t become a stare), especially when listening to what a potential customer is saying.
  2.    Keep your arms open. Universally, crossing your arms against your chest is usually not a welcoming sign. Of course, most people aren’t actively thinking about angrily crossing their arms – typically it’s more about comfort. However, no matter how much practice it takes, always make sure your arms are open to show you’re approachable.
  3.    Use gestures. Along with open arms, you want your hands to move freely too. Allow your hands to move with your words, and use common gestures such as a “thumbs up” or an “okay” sign. There are some gestures you want to avoid under all circumstances (even if the customer makes you very angry), but utilizing friendly gestures can allow others to feel you are personable.
  4.    Smile, really smile. Have you ever seen a salesperson give a fake smile? Did you ever believe it? Faux smiles are almost as damaging to your persuasiveness as not smiling at all. When you spot someone who is pretending to smile at you it, you immediately become skeptical of what they are saying. Be genuine. Real smiles reach up and crinkle the eyes. Even if you don’t feel like it, a real smile can go a long way.
  5.    Offer a gentle touch on the shoulder. This is especially effective when parting ways, as a small touch makes a connection to the potential client so he or she remembers you. It’s important to note that you should always respect personal space but a very brief one-second touch on the shoulder is subconsciously memorable.

By utilizing simple techniques such as maintaining eye contact and offering a genuine smile, you will provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that will make gaining new clients a much easier task.