So far in this series we have discussed the importance of making your clients feel valued from a big-picture level, and we have looked at specific strategies for accomplishing this goal. Today, I’d like to talk about the “little things.” One of the lessons I’ve learned over the years is that the “little things”, such as friendly customer service, are not “little” at all. Getting these so-called little things right is actually a very big deal.

Below are five ways you can do this:

  1. Be a problem solver. Most of us have gotten calls from clients with a question that doesn’t directly pertain to our services or expertise. You may not realize it at the time, but such a phone call is an opportunity. You’ve got three basic options: First, you can tell them “Sorry, I can’t help you.” Second, you can find the answer for them. Or third, you can connect them with someone who can solve their problem. As long you never utilize option one, your customers will come to think of you as someone who can help them solve their problems – and that’s a great reputation to have!

  2. Always say “please” and “thank you.” Yes, I realize that I may sound like your mother here, but it’s important. Be polite and always make your customers feel valued. At the end of the day, it is their patronage that keeps you in business.

  3. Look for opportunities to be proactive. If you spot an opportunity to help your client out in any way, take it! Give them a call and say “Hey, I noticed this, consider doing XYZ – it will save you some money!” Such proactive service makes a powerful impression.

  4. Brand every interaction. World class businesses expose customers to their brand every chance they get. Whether it’s an invoice, a mailing, an email, make sure it’s branded! Branding is very powerful on a psychological level, it builds client loyalty.

  5. Go the extra mile. When you do something for a client, do you take every opportunity you can find to make them say “WOW!”? You should. It often requires very little additional work from you and your team to take something from “okay” to “great”… and it’s worth the investment to thrill your client!

Keeping your current clients happy needs to be a top priority for you and your entire team. And getting these “little things” right is crucial.

What are some of the “little things” that you believe are critical to retaining clients and customers in your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below!