One of the most used – and most dreaded – sales techniques is the infamous cold call. For both new and seasoned salespeople, cold calling can cause a lot of anxiety. You’re calling a business or individual at a time when they aren’t expecting to be called and you’re requesting for them to listen to your presentation in the hopes that they’ll choose your product or service. That’s a rather delicate situation that requires a lot of patience, commitment, and confidence.

To gain these skills, it’s essential to understand the aspects behind the most positive of cold calling experiences. Check out these 5 tips for successful cold calling.

  1. Qualify your lead. This is the first and single most important step to beginning a cold call. You have to make sure that the person you’re calling is going to benefit from the product or service you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling hair or makeup products, your leads should be within the industry of cosmetology. If you call a law office trying to sell professional hair tools, you’re going to have a difficult time.
  1. Have an outline of key points, but don’t follow a script word-for-word. Plan the information you need to share in advance, but expect to deviate from your script. Understand that each person is different, and if you sound like you’re reading from a script, your presentation will sound unoriginal. Instead, make the potential customer feel unique and special by being personal.
  1. Speak conversationally with confidence. Just like face-to-face sales, cold calling requires confidence. Talk with your lead like you would a friend – fluid, calm, and carefree. You may have a certain sales goal to hit, but the person you’re calling doesn’t need to know that. Be confident in your abilities and talk like a human, rather than a sales robot.
  1. Don’t talk too much. Along with speaking conversationally, you must know when to speak. Allow the potential customer to talk – this will reveal information that you can use to help move the sale forward. The key to a successful cold call? You need to truly listen. Utilize all of the information gathered from the conversation to customize the experience for the specific individual.
  1. If the call goes well, always set another time to talk. At the end of the call, you should ask what times you can call back again to continue the conversation. Alternatively, you can ask for an email address to send over more information. However, if your potential customer doesn't seem interested at all, don't push it either – simply move onto the next number.

Above all, to find the patience, commitment, and confidence in cold call sales, believe in your product and let that dedication shine through the call to inspire your potential customer to trust you. By knowing your product and following these 5 tips, you’ll not only see a possible increase in your sales, but also an improvement in your attitude toward cold calling.