Everything organized? Call script polished, rehearsed and memorized?

Even if you have a tad more work to do on your script and organizational efforts it’s never too early to hone the rest of your sales calls skillset. This installment will fill in the gaps providing you with the knowledge to finally make sales calls with confidence and success.

  •         Be confident and friendly

If you master your script then confidence should just naturally follow. That’s why preparation is truly the key to making a successful sales call. Now being friendly is another story. Sure being prepared can nip being cranky in the bud but ensuring you have a friendly demeanor is very important. Don’t sound arrogant, agitated or put-out when talking with a client. Feeling kind of perturbed and tired? Do something, such as take a short walk, to get re-energized. The, go back to your well-written, rehearsed script and possibly add a few positive anecdotes to fend off the negativity.

  •         Your voice and speaking pace

Sound excited and genuinely happy to speak with a prospective client. Smile while you chat because it will definitely shine through on your call. Concentrate on how your voice sounds. Do you sound bored? Or do you sound exuberant? Do you sound frightened? Or confident? Stop a moment and really take stock of how you are projecting your voice. Additionally allow the person you are speaking with to set the pace. Avoid rushing them and avoid slowing them down. Match their conversational flow.

  •         Watch your body language

Believe it or not body language is just as important on the phone as it is in person. Picture actually talking to your client face to face when you rehearse your call script. You wouldn’t remain motionless with zero emotion if you were meeting your customer in person so don’t do it on the phone either. Use your hands, laugh and smile.

  •         Pause and listen

Have you ever heard of the power of the pause? Pausing can truly be a powerful tool to add to your arsenal of sales calls skills. Strategically pause to allow your prospect to reflect and respond. And when they do respond, listen, really listen. Focus on what your potential client is saying don’t plan the rest of your day, fiddle with your smartphone or attempt to carry on a conversation with someone in your office while on a call. Hear what they are saying so you can truly understand what they are saying and what they mean.

  •         Close the call, close the deal

When you have presented all of your information and answered all of your client’s questions — that’s right no more “potential client” let’s be positive — it’s time to end the call. Cue the end of the call verbally and then ask for their business. Don’t hang up the phone without at least asking for a follow-up call. And by all means thank them even if they decide not to become your client.

Finally, practice truly makes perfect. It may take many attempts before you master your sales call craft so be patient with yourself. If you stick with the advice provided in this three part series you will eventually be a smashing success on the phone. Good luck and close that deal!