In part one of this three part series you became clear on the purpose of the call, you got materials in order and you have decided on the best time to make your sales calls. Your next step: tackling the call script.

Don’t be intimidated by this task. It doesn’t take the writing talent of Hemingway to produce a winning call script. Just keep a few points in mind and you’ll whip up an impressive call script with very little effort.

  •         Write a script but don’t read from it

Have you ever had a salesperson call you and they sound like they are reading directly from a teleprompter? Did you buy the product or service they were selling? Most likely you weren’t very impressed. Before you compose a call script there is one important factor you must keep in mind: write it in a friendly, conversation manner that you can remember i.e. without reading from it word for word. Avoid sounding robotic because quite frankly robots make poor salespeople. Make your script conversational so your client relaxes and feels as if they are just having a friendly chat.

  •         Rehearse and then rehearse again

Think of yourself as an actor trying out for a part in a movie. If you were attempting to star in the next big screen thriller you would rehearse right? Your sales call is just as important so make sure you rehearse and, when you think you have it down, practice it again. Perfect it. If you decide to cut corners on your rehearsal you will feel an urge to break out your script and begin reading from it word for word. Be sure to practice your script aloud, better yet role play practice it with a friend or colleague – does it sound natural, like the authentic you? Do it sound enthusiastic and like you have an overwhelming belief in your product? If no, keep fine tuning your script.

  •         Get to the point

Identify yourself immediately and get to the point. You are not calling to make small talk so avoid the “Hi, how are you doing?” You are selling a product or service not calling your best friend. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be friendly. Be conversational without wasting time.

  •         Start with a question

Identify yourself and ask a question – not “How are you doing?” Engage your prospective client right from the start. You can ask a respectful question like “Do you have time?” or you can get right to the meat and potatoes and ask a question in regards to your service or product.

  •         Avoid sounding like a cliché salesperson

Nothing will turn off a potential customer quite like having some stereotypical sales slickster calling and interrupting their day. Do not use cliché sayings in your script. Be sure to practice so that your call is helpful, friendly and conversational.

  •         Be complementary

Flattery can work wonders. Mix in a few kind words but don’t lay it on too thick. For instance avoid saying something like “You are awesome!” and opt for a more professional “You are pleasure to do business with.”

  •         Positivity sells

Even if it’s raining so hard you can’t see more than 10 feet in front of your face don’t mention the bad weather or how your morning commute was terrible or how you didn’t sleep well last night. Positivity reigns supreme. If you are concerned you may fall into this trap, plug in a few positive comments in your call script. You can use athletic competitions, the weather (if it’s favorable), and anything else that conjures sunny, uplifting images. This is one instance where breaking the small talk rule might be okay. But again don’t overdo it.

Feel confident that you can now write the perfect call script? Good! Next we will dive into the remaining keys to making successful sales calls.