We spend plenty of time discussing marketing strategy in this space, and some of the techniques we examine are fairly advanced.

However, today we are going to take a step back and focus on an important and often overlooked element: clarity.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of clarity because there are so many details that go into a marketing plan. Who is your target market? How will you ensure that your marketing campaigns reach them? What will your irresistible offer be? How can you ensure the highest rate of response? Is your marketing consistent with your brand?

All of these questions are important, and there are many more important questions that I didn’t list.

However, as you are utilizing advanced strategies and exercising your creative muscles to create an effective marketing campaign, it’s important that you run everything through a filter. Ask yourself “Is the message clear? Will it make sense to my audience? Am I phrasing this from the customer’s point of view or from my point of view? Is the ‘action path’ I want them to follow clearly indicated?”

Below are three specific areas to focus on in regards to clarity:

  • Are the benefits of your product or service clearly identified? If your audience won’t be able to answer the question “why should I buy your product?” in a single sentence, you need to simplify. Remember, “Beauty is in the eye of the checkbook holder.”Keep it short and sweet!
  • Is your offer simple and appealing? As you know, every marketing piece should include an “irresistible offer.” In addition to being appealing, it needs to be easy to grasp. “Free consultation”, “Free gift”, and “12 months of interest-free financing” are examples of easily understood offers.
  • Is the “next step” clear and easy to follow? What do you want your prospect to do after seeing your marketing piece? Visit your website? Call an 800 number? Return an order form? Make the process as simple as you can. If you are relying on return mail, include a self-addressed, prepaid envelope. If you want to drive traffic to your website, make sure that the URL is as short and memorable as possible. Don’t hesitate to give them a choice of 3 easy ways to order from you.

You may come up with a brilliant and intricate marketing campaign—but if it’s not simply and easy for your audience to digest, you’ve wasted your time. Apply your knowledge and your creativity to the marketing process—but always run the final product through the filter of clarity.

How have you been able to keep your marketing efforts clear and on target? Share your experience below!