Many business owners don’t think much about their employees—at least, not beyond the immediate “is he or she doing the job effectively?” question.  It’s understandable, given how busy most business owners are. Trust me, I get it! But the failure to create a system for attracting, training, and retaining talent will hurt you over the long run.  At a minimum, here is what you need to consider when it comes to your company’s people plan:

How will you attract talent?  It’s not enough to hire the first people to walk through your door in search of a job.  In order to build a world class business, you need a team of employees that are dedicated, intelligent, and willing to embrace your system and your company culture.  Even when you aren’t actively hiring, you should be keeping your eyes and ears open for good candidates.  And when you are ready to hire, make a concerted effort to interest top-caliber individuals.

How will you train your talent?  Hiring talented employees is a great place to start, but if you simply throw them into the fire and expect them to figure things out on their own, you are going to be disappointed.  Before making a hire, make sure that you have a detailed plan for training and mentoring each employee.  Sit down with them on a regular basis and evaluate their process, and identify any areas in need of improvement.  By continuing to train your employees, even after they have learned the basics, you will enable them to reach their full potential.

How will you retain your talent?  Once you have invested into hiring and training great employees, nothing is more disappointing than watching them leave.  Be proactive… do everything you can to keep your employees engaged and fulfilled.  This includes offering a salary comparable to the competition, but it is much more than just money.  Work to empower your employees, and to give them a purpose behind their work.  When employees feel valued and truly believe in the cause they are working for, they are highly unlikely to walk away.

Attract, train, and retain.  If you expect to build a successful business over the long term, it is essential that you create a detailed people plan for your business.  Without the right people to execute the systems you create, your business is never going to reach its potential.  On the other hand, a talented and committed workforce will take your company to places you never thought possible.

What’s your “people plan”? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!