When you are designing a logo, advertisement, or other marketing materials, how do you determine which colors to use?  For many business owners, the choice comes down to personal preference, i.e. “Green is my favorite color.”

But choosing your colors demands more thought. Fortune 500 companies know this, but many small business owners don’t. Years of research have shown that different colors have different impacts on consumers, and not only that, but specific colors evoke very specific feelings and emotions in their audience. While the psychology of marketing is too complex for this blog post, I am going to share a bit about popular colors and the messages they send to consumers.  Keep these in mind when you are designing your next ad campaign, and certainly pay very close attention if you are considering re-branding your business in the near future.

  • Black.  Black is known to evoke feelings of stability, security, and strength.  It is often used to signify sophistication and intelligence, but if it is overused can be depressing.
  • Blue.  Blue can signify trust, reliability, and can also be a calming color.
  • Red.  Red is a color that demands attention.  It signifies energy, passion, and movement.
  • White.  White represents purity and cleanliness.  White can also represent youth and creativity.
  • Green.  Green evokes feelings of growth, abundance, and peace.  Light green is also a very calming color.
  • Yellow.  Yellow represents cheerfulness, optimism, and happiness.  It can also evoke creativity and warmth.
  • Orange.  Ambitious, cheerful, and energetic, orange can also be playful and vibrant.
  • Gold.  Gold evokes feelings of prestige and value.
  • Silver.  Silver can represent prestige, but also can evoke a feeling of coldness.

This information should make you look at your marketing materials in a whole new light. The psychology of color is an important element in all marketing campaigns. That said, keep in mind that the impact of color is subtle and unconscious. Changing the colors of your logo is not going to double your sales overnight. Choosing the right colors will have a positive impact, however, so make sure you refer back to this information the next time you are working on your marketing materials.