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SEO techniques play a crucial role in optimizing any website. Though the task might seem daunting and to some a bit obscure, there is hope.

Here are the most important locations to place keywords.


A title tag is the main text that describes an online document. This can be found in three places: browsers, search results, and external websites.

When writing a title include a keyword or phrase, ensuring that viewers can identity the content.

Meta Descriptions

Though they are not important to search engine rankings, they help create value for your content.

These short paragraphs are found in search results, and help viewers the information they are looking for.

Headings and Content

Once viewers actually land on your pages it’s important to keep them there. That’s where headings, subheadings and content with keywords become vital.

When creating content write for readers first, search engines second.

Image Titles and Alt Text

Place keywords into image titles and alt text. These should be used to describe the associated image. The descriptions help viewers find your site through image searches.

There are many parts that make up marketing. SEO should not fall to the bottom of your priority list. Turn these four parts of SEO into your personal “to-do” list.