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The most commonly asked marketing question is-“How do I manage all of my blog post, campaigns and social platform content?

The Solution?You need to create an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar is used to control publication for different media platforms. Whether you’re using a blog, email or social media outlets- all of your information is in one place.

Here are 4 tips to get your calendar started.

Where to create your calendar

There is no wrong or right way to create an editorial calendar. It can be a piece of paper, spreadsheet or software that’s integrated as a publishing tool.

A simple excel spreadsheet or Google calendar works great. These sources are free and make is easy to build a functional calendar.

The structure of an editorial calendar

A basic editorial calendar consists of two vital parts. The Content Production Calendar and the Publication Calendar.

The content of a calendar

You can track various elements within a calendar. The trick is to understand your marketing goals and using that as your outline.

Try using these elements for starters.

    • Post topics/titles
    • Author
    • Publication Date
    • Content Theme
    • Keywords

Content marketing have lots of moving parts that come together at different times. These projects are more effective when they work together and from cohesive marketing campaigns. A publication calendar ensures that each marketing piece is published in a timely manner.