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There are many misconceptions about how search engines work. The confusion revolves around this question, “how do I avoid violations while implementing SEO strategies?”

Here are 3 common SEO violations to avoid.

Keyword Stuffing

This violation occurs when a user loads a ton of keywords onto a webpage, in an attempt to manipulate the website’s ranking. Stuffing is keywords appearing in groups or list and are sometimes out of context.

This can greatly hurt your site’s ranking. Focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately.

Hidden Text

Search engines want to see everything that your viewers are observing. They don’t like anything hidden. Hidden text is when web owners deliberately hide text to provide more words for search engines.

An example is when users place white colored text on the same colored background with the intention to make it blend within the web page. This is a huge violation and can be easily avoided.

Link Spamming

Some think that placing links to their website on someone else’s blog comment box is a good practice. This is not SEO! There is a difference between making a genuine referral and spamming.

People hate spammers, and search engines hate them as well. Google has increased efforts in catching those who use this practice.

SEO strategy has many different styles. Choose to invest in strategies that help your company in longer-term investments. Put your time in doing things right and you’ll end up getting a higher return of investment.