This is the second in a three part series discussing customer service.

Previously in this series, we talked about the importance of customer service—as a marketing strategy, as well as an operational issue.

As we discussed, customers that have a great experience with your business are likely to provide word of mouth advertising… which is incredibly valuable in terms of generating new business.

Today, we are going to discuss specific steps that your business can take in order to create systems which ensure that a high level of service is provided by all of your employees.

Assign responsibility. Like other areas of your organization, the failure to assign responsibility when it comes to customer service is a recipe for disaster. Whether it is a department, an individual, or a group of individuals, there needs to be accountability when it comes to customer service. When employees understand that keeping customers happy is part of their job instead of a distraction, they tend to do a much better job.

Implement a system to ensure that regular contact takes place.Depending on the nature of your business, you may go for long periods of time without having any contact with a customer. Implement a system to ensure that you deliberately initiate contact with customers that have been “out of touch” for an extended period of time. Doing so not only makes them feel valued, but also allows you to maintain a feel for the “pulse” of your relationship. A brief phone call or a handwritten card can go a very long way.

Go the extra mile for your clients, without being asked. One of the most effective ways to create raving fans is to provide “WOW” moments to your customers. A WOW moment is more than just meeting their expectations—it means surpassing expectations and blowing the customer away. When a client comes to you with a problem, they expect you to fix it. Simply fixing it does not impress them. However, if you can spot and solve a problem before they ask, or if you can go above and beyond expectations to find a solution, you’ll make a real impression on them. Train yourself, and each of your employees, to look for opportunities to WOW your customers on a daily basis.

Great customer service is critical, but it doesn’t happen automatically. The systems discussed above will help you in this area. Stay tuned for part three in this series!