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Businesses don’t always sell their products and services on the first try. Since businesses expect this, they turn to lead nurturing campaigns.

These campaigns provide valuable and informational messages to prospects, keeping potential sales alive.

Here are four steps in setting up your next lead nurturing campaign.

Determine Your Goal

The first step is to determine your goal.

Begin by reviewing these 3 questions:

  • Am I trying to warm cold leads?
  • Do I need to increase the quality of my leads?
  • Does my business need Generate New Leads?

Determining your goal will give you an outline of what audience you’ll present your offer.

Choose A Buyer Persona

Second choose your ideal prospect. Having an idea of the characteristics of your ideal customer will help you focus your marketing efforts.

Look at these types of characteristics:

  • Demographics
  • Challenges or pain points
  • Your solution for those paint points

Your biggest indicator to evaluate is the buyer’s pain points. Ask yourself, “What problems am I helping them solve?” This will help you create the content for your campaigns.

Produce Value Centered Content

In a lead nurturing campaign the focus needs to be on building value before a sales pitch. You do this by using videos, webinars, eBooks and blog posts that focus on your value proposition.

 Create A Timeline

Your business has a typical sales cycle, and so should your lead nurturing campaigns. A good campaign has at least two to three emails in it.

These four steps are the foundation to lead nurturing.

This process will build relationships with qualified prospects and build value for your business regardless of their timing to buy.