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Customer service has evolved throughout the years. Back in the day customers had to physically go to the store and complain to an employee behind a desk. Now- customers can simply use social platforms to voice their opinion.

So what do you do when people wreak havoc on your brand using social platforms?

You have a game plan…a strategy that helps you and your employees turn any social media crisis into a positive experience.

Customers feel that their comments and concerns need to be addressed instantly and through the same social media channel.

Regardless of the situation it’s up to address the problem first! Monitor your social media platforms to be sure that no crisis is slipping through the cracks!

It’s important to reply to any crisis or situation in the most conversational way possible. Be sure to customize each response and be sure to Stay away from canned answers and reply’s

Be in control of the situation, especially if the customer is obviously angry. Begin with an apology and ask certain questions.

Show a sincere desire to listen while reassuring them that you’re doing everything in your power to resolve the issue without becoming defensive.

Obtain the customers contact information immediately. Ask them to send a direct message to you, with their information. This allows you to interact privately on the phone or in a longer email conversation.

When the problem is resolved be sure to go back to the original social media channel and show gratitude towards the customer. Say thank you… for bringing the problem to your attention, and allowing you to fix it. The goal here is to show publicly that the experience was resolved in a positive manner.

Go to the initial spark of conflict. Observe your business and look for opportunities to improve. Use these business experiences as opportunities to grow.

It’s inevitable! With any business- crisis will arise. Every business has to deal with difficult customer situations…The difference is.. When the moment arises.

How will you respond?