One of your goals as the owner of a business is to generate a positive buzz for your company brand. Inspiring customers to spread the word is the primary way you can accomplish this, but employees are effective promoters as well. Your employees have their own network of family, friends, and associates, and the feelings the employee has about your business can play a significant role in shaping the way their network views you.

Having worked with hundreds of business over the years, I can tell you that businesses whose employees have “bought in” tend to perform exceptionally well.

So how can you turn your employees into “passionate promoters”? It starts with YOU.

As the owner of a small business, you set the tone. If you are not passionate about customer service, your employees are not going to be either. If you aren’t passionate about showing up to work on time each morning, your employees aren’t going to punctual. And if you aren’t passionate about the products and services your business provides, your employees won’t be, and they certainly won’t feel the need to spread the word. In addition, a business that is lacking passion is highly unlikely to inspire customers to become promoters.

So take a moment and answer this question: Are you still passionate about your business? Do you feel passionate about the impact your products or services have on the lives of your customers?

For many small business owners, the honest answer to this question is no.

And it is easy to understand why. Every business owner was passionate at the beginning, which is why he or she was willing to take the risk of setting out alone to begin with. But over time, the realities of running a business have a way of wearing you down. Managing employees, dealing with unhappy customers, paying the bills when finances are tough… running a business is often exhausting and stressful.

Take a moment right now and think back to the day you launched your business. Think about your dreams. Think about the energy and the optimism that you possessed. And now, think about how far you have come. You may not be as optimistic and energetic as you once were, but you’ve made incredible strides.

Now, reclaim that energy. Restore your sense of optimism. Re-awaken your passion. Your passion is what led you into business to begin with, and re-discovering it is what will allow you to build a world-class business in the years to come!