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When marketers talk about links, a majority of the time they are talking about quality inbound links. Inbound links are seen as the most prized SEO tool.  In simple terms an inbound link is a link coming from another website to your own.

What Make Inbound Links So Valuable?

Search engines care more about what others are saying about you than what you say about yourself. It’s kind of like professional sports. The great athletes or in your case businesses, don’t need to talk themselves up; they let their fans do the talking.

Consider hyperlinks as votes for popularity. The more pages you have pointing to your website, the more popular search engines will consider you.

Today, search engines use many metrics inside of their algorithm to determine a value of an inbound link. Here a few of these metrics:

  • The anchor text used in the link
  • Popularity of the linking page.
  • Relevance of the content that is found on both pages.
  • Trustworthiness of the linking website.

All of these elements play a crucial role in the search engine’s algorithm.  It makes it hard to keep up with search engines due to their constant changing of metrics. Though this is the case it doesn’t matter how many changes search engines make, inbound links will hold their value for a very long time.

Inbound Linking Practices

Multi-Author Articles

There are several benefits of producing blog posts with multiple authors. A large part is that content creation is divided among a group of people. This will give you a greater opportunity to obtain inbound and outbound links.  This type of content creation takes a lot of work and organization, but the return is high.

Leveraging Co-Marketing Partnerships

Building co-marketing opportunities can be a great way to generate inbound links. It would be wise to find partners that sell products and services that are not competing with your own. Look for companies that complement your business and enhance what you offer.

It’s also important to find businesses that have a strong web presence, which will help build your reputation online. When producing campaigns, focus on linking your webpages with your co-marketing partners. Doing so will increase your websites SEO rank and will increase your find-ability online.

Inbound links are crucial due to its importance to site crawlers. Crawlers use these links to indicate your sites authority on a certain subject or specialty. The more quality and high authority inbound links your site is able to form, the higher your site will rank.