This is the third installment of a three part series discussing lead generation.  Lead generation is the key to growing your business—more leads generated mean more leads converted, which means more business.  The third step to generating more leads is to systematically market to your contact database.  

So far in this series we have talked about the importance of identifying effective systems of lead generation, and we have discussed the necessity of a comprehensive contact management database.  These tools, when used together, should provide a steady stream of potential clients or customers for your database.  But obviously, simply filling up a database doesn’t bring in more business.  You need to close the deal.  But in far too many cases, if a lead doesn’t become a client after an initial conversation, business owners forget about him or her and move on.  As a result, they are losing out on the opportunity to revisit that lead in the future.

To make sure that you are taking advantage of every single lead that you generate, it is important to create a system which will prompt you to regularly reach out to your contacts.  In many cases, a potential client is simply not ready to commit when you reach him or her for the first time… but when you make a concerted effort to stay in touch, you are in prime position to capitalize when they are finally willing to make a decision.

The key to eventually turning a contact into a client is simply maintaining your relationship, and that requires regular interaction.  This interaction can take many forms, and should vary depending on your relationship with the individual.  Whether it is going out for lunch, talking on the phone, or sending holiday cards, the important thing is that you maintain regular contact.  I highly recommend creating an email newsletter as a way of regularly staying in touch with contacts and clients alike.  You can also use a blog or your social media presence as a way to stay in touch, provided that your prospects are active in these areas.

Make it a regular part of your weekly routine to go through your database and make sure you are reaching out to your contacts on a regular basis.  Many of your potential clients may not be ready to sign up for your services today, but if you stay in touch, over the next weeks and months you can bet that many of them will become customers.

How do you market to your database? Are there any specific tactics that have worked especially well? Share your thoughts below!