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I had the opportunity to fly out to California for a business seminar. This particular seminar had over 300 people with various occupations from all over the world. During the seminar I had the chance to sit next to a man who had an unfamiliar occupation. He explained to me that he was a Facebook specialist. I was quite curious, for I had never heard of such a title and asked that he further explained himself.

“I help businesses reach high number of Facebook followers.” “Right now I have a client with over 3,000 followers!” He exclaimed with great excitement.

I nodded my head in approval for his accomplishment, but immediately asked “What is your objective once your client reaches 5,000 followers?”

I could tell that I took him off guard because his reply was slow when he muffled the words, “ We continue to set goals for an even higher number of followers.”

As you could guess our conversation was quite short after that following statement. During that whole morning seminar I kept thinking, “Why would you want 3,000+ followers if your objective was not to convert them into customers?”

It’s amazing but there are a large number of businesses that feel that the number of followers they have on a social platform the great the success. Though it is difficult to achieve such a high level of followers, keep in mind it’s just a small piece to the puzzle.

Online marketing needs to be focused on conversion- the process of take a potential customer from a state of an unawareness of your business and getting them to become a customer. Don’t get me wrong social platforms are important, but consider your social platforms as a way to build an awareness of your brand.

When you focus on conversion you use CTA’s to push visitors to your social platforms to your blog. The location of your blog needs to be internally linked with your website in order to get a higher conversion rate. Once visitors reach your blog you’ll have a higher rate of visitors landing on other pages throughout your website.

Make navigation easy for viewers by having information easily laid out in the design. Provide the right categories within the blog and always provide links to other website pages within your blog content. Content should be written to entice readers and leave them with the feeling of wanting more. These feelings will increase views on other pages within your website.

Your website should always have landing pages that provide a valuable resources. These sources could be a free download or offer, whatever it is the offer needs to be compelling enough to where visitors wont hesitate giving you their information.

Never underestimate each tool, for each piece plays an important part in the “conversion puzzle.” These simple tools will provide higher conversion rates in return provide you and your business with higher revenue.