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People spend a majority of their time online digesting content. Whether it’s a consumption of articles, videos or images, online users love their content. Take advantage of their love by producing content worth sharing among users. Here are 3 key steps to ensure that your content has the right characteristics to appeal to your customers.


It’s common to see businesses delivering content that has no relevance to their company. Posting humorous, political or religious content can be poisons to your social media platforms. Having content that is off topic to your business makes your potential clients sidetracked and therefore less interested.

Content increases its value when it is relevant and timely. Speak to members of your marketing team and explain to them about relevance and the characteristics of your ideal client. Emphasizing these characteristics brings to focus what your content topic should be. Whether your ideal client is the typical businessman or more youthful, each group of users has a specific language and needs. Tailor to these needs and your users will see its relevance and share with those who feel the same.


Give the people what they want, when they want it. As a marketer you always want your content to be seen by as many people as possible. Don’t cut yourself short by sharing content during the afternoon. Study your clients and send content when your ideal user will see what’s been published.

If you don’t know what is the ideal time to publish your content, do an experiment.  Try sending out content at various times in the week. Study closely the different types of responses that you receive while publishing. After a few tries, patterns will arise. Publish to those patterns and your content will have a high sharing rate.

Formatting, Structure and Tools…Oh My!

It is crucial that you structure and format your marketing content properly, allowing the material to fit inside each social media platform. By formatting properly you are ensuring that all content is easy to consume and to distribute among users. These qualities produce high probability that your content will be shared.

Always place correct share buttons, tabs and indicators in their appropriate places. If blogging is an important element to your online marketing, be sure to give the right buttons to your followers. These tools are links that allow viewers to easily access your content and share it with others.

Constantly study the personalities of your clientele. Those same characteristics need to be found within your content. Having the same features makes users feel connected to what is being published. This sense of connection creates an emotion within the individual, which creates a desire to share the content with people who have the same views and interests.