This is the fourth in a four part series examining the process of hiring, training, and developing efficient teams. Today we examine the importance of helping your employees to maximize their ability through training and development. 

So far in this series, we’ve discussed the importance of clearly defining the responsibilities for each member of your team, and of ensuring that you assign the right people to the right positions. And while these steps will help you create an effective and productive team, that’s only part of the battle. You must also develop your team, helping them grow individually and as a team.

How do you make this growth happen? By providing feedback, and by providing the training that each employee needs to improve.

It’s important that you take the time to regularly provide feedback and further training to each of your employees. I highly recommend taking the time to review each employee’s performance on a regular basis, not just once or twice per year. Why? Because otherwise, your employees are flying blind. By regularly assessing performance and pointing out areas that could use improvement, you are keeping each employee focused and on track. Yet many business owners don’t provide feedback more than a few times per year… how about you?

Providing regular feedback is critical… but it’s only half of the equation. It is not enough to tell your employees where they need to improve. If you expect to truly get the most out of each team member, you need to provide the training necessary to help them achieve their growth goals. This may mean sales training, it may mean attending management seminars, or it may mean communication workshops. Whatever the case may be, the point is that you need to give your employees the tools that they require in order to continue their development. Otherwise it’s not going to happen!

Investing resources into the training of employees who already have the ability to get their job done may seem like a waste of money. But this is shortsighted thinking. The truth is that the productivity and the effectiveness of your team plays a huge role in determining the overall success of your business. Don’t sell yourself short, help each member of your workforce to reach his or her full potential.