What are you really, really good at it?

Most of us would have a couple of answers to this, as it relates to business. For you, the answer may be financial planning. Or mentoring employees. Or writing killer sales copy.

Take a moment right now to make a list of the 3-5 business functions that you are best at.

Once you are done, look over your list. Now, estimate how much of your work day you spend on these functions.

If you spend 50% or more of your day working in these areas, you’re in good shape. And, I’m willing to venture, you are enjoying your job and doing quite well from a business standpoint. Why? Because it is human nature to enjoy what we are good at. It feels good to be productive. It is rewarding to complete challenging projects successfully. And when we are able to spend time leveraging our strengths, our business benefits.

But many business owners that I know spend maybe 10% or less of their time each day working in the areas that they are most gifted. In most of these cases, the individual does not enjoy going to work each day. Often, the business is struggling to make ends meet—and even if it is profitable, it is not even close to achieving its potential.

Here are three simple steps that will help you spend more time leveraging your strengths.

  1. Make time for what you’re good at. For some business owners, particularly those that run a one-man shop, there is no getting around their other responsibilities. In these cases, the only way to spend time on their areas of expertise is to devote additional time before or after the workday, or on the weekends. While this may not sound appealing, it’s worth it for a short while—because it will allow your business to grow, which brings us to step two.

  2. Find employees that can free you. If your core strengths relate to marketing, hire an employee who can focus on operations. Oftentimes, business owners hire employees similar to themselves—you should be doing the opposite.

  3. Create systems that allow you to work more effectively. I know that many of my clients are overwhelmed with everyday work which keeps them from focusing on their strengths. Often, this work is approached in a haphazard manner, which only makes it last longer. Take the time to create systems for managing daily work, and devote the time that you save to the work that you are best at. I can help with this—let me know if you’d like to learn more!

The more time you can spend each day utilizing your strengths, the happier you will be and the better off your business will be. It’s a win-win proposition. These three steps will help, but if you’d like more information feel free to get in touch with me today!