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What social media platforms do you use? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube the options are endless Do you choose just one platform, or do you combine? What platforms deliver the best return of investment with your time and profit?

Here are four answers to those questions that will give a clear vision for your business.

1.  Distinguish What You Want to Achieve Via Social Media

If your intent is to have a respectable customer service, then Facebook and Twitter is an ideal platform for your business. Instagram and Pintrest are excellent if your business has a lot of visual content to share: photography, fashion, graphic design, etc. If you want to connect with other businesses, and provide B2B content, LinkedIn is your friend. If your business provides coupons, promotions and specials, consider Foursquare.

2. Determine Your Customer Demographic

Before you can decide on which social media service is best for your business, you need to think about your demographics. What are the characteristics and lifestyles of your ideal customer? Can you identify them by their age, sex, or cultural group? After deciphering your ideal customer, determine what social media platforms they are using. Example: If your target market is women aged 25 to 34, be sure to have a strong presence on Pintrest.

3. Choose A Platform That Is Compatible With Your Content

As of now Facebook is considered the big heavy weight within the social media realm. With over 900 million users worldwide, businesses have a large audience to market to. The best way to use this platform is to create a fan page for your company. Use this page to create awareness of your brands, services and products.

Use your content to ask questions, post photos and interact in two-way conversations with your customers. Having content “liked” and shared on your business page produces visibility, which translates to more sales opportunities.

4. Choose Where To Be Creative

Does your business thrive when viewers have an up-close look at your products? Use YouTube to display customer’s success stories. Perhaps you have a company that shares information? Make Do-It-Yourself videos. If you choose YouTube be sure to have links to your business’s websites, blogs and various social media platforms.

Twitter is best used for quickly sending out promotions and announcements. Consider Twitter if your business enjoys quick feedback from customers.

The best social media outlet for your business is the one that your customers are using. No matter how much hype a site gets, if it isn’t a good fit for your business, you won’t see much return on your investment.