Marketing is about lead generation. And that means your marketing efforts must feature an offer of some sort that motivates your audience to act—and to act now.

Think about it – how many thoughts do you process each and every day? Of those thousands of thoughts, how many do you act on? A very small percentage. In order to inspire action, your marketing must feature an irresistible offer.

Classic offers include a free gift “just for calling”, incredible value added to the purchase (you know the drill, “Right now, for only three easy payments of $19.99, you can get product X – valued at $199. And that’s not all! If you call today, we’re willing to throw in a free travel case! That’s a value of $49.99!”, or offers of a free consultation or a free estimate.

These types of offers are an attempt to cut through the noise and activity that surrounds prospective buyers on a regular basis. They are necessary because it’s not enough simply to intrigue a prospect. In fact, it is relatively easy to generate interest in your products or services. However, if all you do is generate passive interest or curiosity, your prospects are likely to forget about you the moment they are distracted.

The concept of irresistible offers is an attempt to avoid this problem. The advertisement or marketing campaign generates interest and then is combined with an offer in order to turn that interest into action.

Remember that the action doesn’t always have to be a sale. Sometimes it is enough, depending on your marketing strategy, just to secure the contact information of a prospect. To do this, many marketers offer free newsletters, special reports, or other valuable resources to prospective clients. Once this valuable contact information is secured, the prospect enters your marketing funnel and hopefully becomes a customer in the future.

So take a moment to evaluate your own marketing efforts. Does every element feature a compelling offer? Whether it is direct mail, your website, radio commercials, or anything else… it’s important that you give your audience reason to act, and to act NOW.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients on their marketing campaigns, and one thing in common among all the most successful… was an irresistible call to action. What’s YOUR irresistible offer?