This is the first in a three part series on client retention.

You are trying to grow your business, right? Of course you are! So am I, and so is just about every other business owner on the planet. And so the focus of most business owners tends to be on securing more business. And that is a healthy mindset. New clients and customers are a very good thing.

But if you are not careful, your focus on new business could cause serious problems.


Because focusing your energy on marketing to new customers can often leave your current clients feeling neglected. And if they feel neglected, it is very easy for them to take the next step and leave you behind.

Put yourself in the shoes of one of your clients. Imagine that you have been a loyal customer of a local lawn maintenance service for ten years. They cut your lawn every two weeks, they do a good job, and you’re completely satisfied.

Then, one day, you begin to notice them aggressively marketing to new customers – offering a free month of service, free landscaping projects, and other gifts.

How does that make you feel? Of course, you’d love some added value as well… but you are told that the offer only applies to new customers.

You’re a bit miffed, but it is no big deal.

Then, a week later, you receive a coupon in the mail from a competitor, offering you a free month of service when you sign up for their lawn maintenance service.

What happens next? Of course, it depends on a number of additional factors… but one thing is for sure: the way your current service provider has treated you has made you MORE likely to consider leaving for the competition.

Now apply this lesson to your own business. Are you taking steps to ensure that your current clients are thrilled with your service? Are you making them feel valued, and do they feel that they are receiving great value? Or are you doing a so-so job, providing mediocre value, and ultimately increasing the chances that they leave you for your competition in the future?