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Congratulations, consider yourself apart of an elite group; a group of business men and women that understand that their website needs to be centered upon lead generation and conversion.  You understand that in order to obtain an edge in your field you’ll use your website as a way to obtain leads, which will convert into sales.

Effective Call-To Actions

Consider using colors that have contrast from the general website. The strategy behind CTA’s (call-to-actions) is to grab the attention of the viewer and to entice them to act.

Remember that simplicity is important when it comes to design. Choose colors that will make a dominant impression to viewers. Do everything you can to make your CTA’s larger and more prominent. Make it so that your CTA’s are obvious to see and are enticing with their offers.

Some marketers state that using the color red increases the probability of conversion. Others say that the CTA color should be found within the color hues of the general website. Choose colors that compliment your website while still creating a strong presence and attention.

Design Your CTA’s to be Clickable

When developing your actual CTA make it visually look like a button. This is where simplicity is key. Make it a solid color with an easy CTA text phrase.

Text also important when developing your CTA’s. Viewers who are seeking information are looking for text above visual design and pictures. Make all text clear, specific and action oriented. All text needs to focus on generating an emotional response to the viewer.

Focus on value and what is being offered if the viewer commits to action. The text should always focus on the needs of the customer. Never use your text space to brag or to center the value on the company. Put the value in the offer and how it will benefit the viewer.

CTA Positioning

The locations of your CTA’s need to be thought out well in advanced. Always make sure that the CTA is relevant to what is being shown on the web page. Be careful not to put too much negative space between the value text and the CTA button. The more space between the content and the CTA button, the less likely viewers will feel the connection between the two.

Landing Pages

CTA buttons are direct links to drive traffic onto landing pages. Landing pages are specifically used to convert visitors into leads by obtaining specific information. To have an effective landing page be sure that the CTA and the headline work together to deliver the same offer.

You want your CTA’s and landing pages to correlate. Include a brief description on the landing page where you emphasize the value and what is being offered.

By having effective CTA’s that are well designed and positioned, you will obtain more leads for your business. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations to see what gives you the best results.