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The First Impression

First impressions are everything, right? You knew that when you met your in-laws for the first time, that you better be dressed to impress and on your best behavior. What would they have thought if you were covered in mud and hadn’t showered in weeks? This is no different than the first impression someone gets when visiting your website.

Depending on the industry most websites average a 30%- 60% bounce rate. This means that nearly half of the traffic that lands on websites immediately leave without even navigating to other pages within the websites. What does this mean for your website? What do you need to do to lower your bounce rate? Its’ simple- make your first impression a good one.

When a potential customer lands on your homepage they notice three things; the navigation, consistency, and accessibility.


When designing your website, always begin with the layout. This is key for navigation and establishing the overall purpose of your website. Oftentimes businesses get so caught up with the idea of having a website, that they fail to establish a purpose for it.


It’s best to keep the same elements on each page of your web design. These elements include color, navigation bar, logo, typography and layout. Websites that fail to keep consistency throughout their pages confuse users, which results in a lower viewing rate.

When a viewer goes to a homepage and realizes that what they’re looking for does not match what they see, they will immediately click off. This causes you to lose a potential customer.

A typical web design has three layouts, a homepage, content pages and forms. To ensure consistency within your website try to do everything in your capacity to stay within a layout of 3 designs.


It can become very frustrating if you’ve put in a great deal of work into your website and no one is able to view your content. A great deal of web traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets. Ensure that your content can be accessed through all mobile devices and tablets.

Companies are seeing the value of focusing their design to tailor to the needs of these users. The ultimate outcome for the mobile and tablet users is to ensure that they have the same experience as the desktop users. Increase your chances of lead generation and sales opportunity by focusing your design and usability with the accessibility of your content and website.

Like I said before, first impressions are everything. Make yours unforgettable by having a simplistic design and layout that can be easily navigated. Never underestimate the power of color choice and consistency throughout your entire website.