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What is the vehicle that drives the energy the power that gets strangers and makes them promoters?

I have seen businesses overestimate technology and they underestimate the power of their words. It’s vital to know that publishing the right content at the precise place and time converts strangers into longer time promoters.

The key to successful content is centered on answering your customer’s basic questions and needs. Let me share with you how a particular company made me a promoter of their business.

I have always loved going to Lake Powell National Park and I have always wanted to share my love of going to the lake with the family of my own. I found myself cutting pictures of boats out and placing them on a vision board with a cute little family enjoying it.

I continued to nurture those thoughts. I researched the different types of boats their pros and cons. And then all of a sudden I came across this picture, which depicted my experience that I had as a young boy. It was if they had plucked the very thoughts and pictures I had in my mind and put them in the picture. It had the little boy wakeboarding the mom and dad and other siblings. I said, “Hey that’s my family!” and above the picture was a two-word phrase “Create Memories” and below at the bottom right corner was the Mastercraft logo.

Not shortly after one of my arguments I remember asking myself, “Why am I so loyal and passionate about this company?” I don’t own one. In fact, I’ve never even ridden in one let alone wakeboard behind a Mastercraft boat.

So I asked myself…. how did Mastercraft do it? How did they make me become such a loyal fan when I couldn’t even call myself a customer? I’ve never owned one.

How did they do it? I researched and researched and studied and I found it. I found the secret. And I’m going to tell you what it is. It’s simple, my dreams, aligned with their dreams. They aligned My WHY with their WHY.

I share that story because there is so much power that comes from it. I want to teach you how to have that kind of power online.

You can have this same power by having in mind a few key points in your business. Look at your past ideal customers. What type of problems and questions did they have, and how did you solve those questions? This is how you bridge the gap between your customer’s needs and your offer.

Understanding this small principle will help you push your strangers who are not knowledgeable of your brand and business and have them become promoters. Focus on your message before you begin any emphasis on your social platforms.