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Not all social networks are created equal. Each network brings different strengths and serves diverse purposes. Choosing LinkedIn as a social platform for your business will increase your connections with professionals and companies directly. This online platform is used for networking, job searching, hiring and connecting with associates.

Why would you choose LinkedIn over regular job posting sight like Craigslist? The quality of job applicants will bring a higher value to your business, giving your team the right skills to produce higher revenue.

There are two ways of using LinkedIn as a form of recruiting; the first is a simple job listing post. The second is a series of tasks of networking and connecting with the LinkedIn community. Though the second takes a bit more effort, the pay off is too valuable to ignore!

Use these 5 steps to provide your business with the perfect employee:

1-     Complete both Your Business and Personal Profiles

Astonishingly, 48.1% of LinkedIn user’s profiles are incomplete. This is a rookie mistake! Take the time to add all the details about your career, skills and business experience. When placing content in your profile, be sure to use your profession keywords to help others identify you in search engines.

If you have not yet create a company page do so and use your best writing. Share objectives, mission statements and accomplishments to showcase the strengths of your business. Every individual wants to work for a business where they see growth and potential opportunity for themselves.

2-     Build Your Networking Reach

Build your networking list by searching out potential employees that would fit your job description. Find them by the traditional form of connecting. (Having your first circle of contacts introduce their connections with you, these contacts would be classified as 2ndcircle or 3rd circle contacts).

You can also find LinkedIn groups that are directly tied to your profession. Once you have joined these groups, go down the list of members and send invites to those who fit your job description.

Use search engines to help you find potential recruiters such as Google, but more importantly use the advanced search in LinkedIn. In the advanced search you’re able to put in specific keywords that will help you identify your perfect employee.

3-     Create A Full List of Target Candidates

As you begin to create a strong networking foundation, start looking at your job description.  Make a list of candidates who are in your network that would make ideal employees. If your list is longer than expected, narrow down that list by looking at the job description in much more detail. If your list is too short, continue to network until you feel confident with your candidate list.

4-     Send Targeted Messages To Top Potential Candidates

The fourth step is what sets apart successful businesses. You are to actually reach out to your list of candidates and inform them of the job opportunity. Yes there are some candidates that are already employed and with great careers, but who are you to say that they’re not happy? Maybe they are looking for a new opportunity.

When you send a message to your potential candidate keep the terms very open. Make statements such as, “My team and I were observing your profile and felt that you were a great candidate for this particular part of our team. If you have time I would love to give you more details, if not I’m open for networking as well. If you know anyone that would be interested please notify me and I’ll be sure to take very good care of them.”

By making your message open and friendly you present an environment where your potential candidate does not feel imposed or pressured. The worst thing that could happen is that you could have a possible referral and a potential candidate that feels flattered on the offer.

5- Stay Connected by Following Up

Keep in mind that there are some potential candidates that don’t check their LinkedIn account frequently. Don’t give up; send several emails to grab their attention. Be open and friendly. There might be a candidate out there whose not looking for a new job, but could potentially be your next higher.

Oftentimes businesses think that the recruiting process is where those seeking jobs come to those who are hiring. It would be wise to stay way from the mentality of recruiting. Your business deserves the very best; therefore only hire those who are the best at what they do. A majority of those people have to be found and offered the job, even though they might not be looking for a new employment opportunity.